Building FusionHQ - All-in-one user analytics & engagement platform.

Building FusionHQ - All-in-one user analytics & engagement platform.

OpenSource Analytics and Engagement Platform

Hello All, I am Sarvesh, one of the co-founders of Fusion. We have been building Fusion for the last 5 months and really excited to share about it!!

Let's answer some questions to get the vision and idea of the product clear.

What is Fusion?

Fusion is an all-in-one user behaviour analytics and engagement suite.

It's built upon a lightweight no-code mixpanel-like analytics engine but we are not another analytics platform, Fusion uses it to gather users' personal & product usage data and share it with built-in live-chat, push-notification, and email/micro survey tools.

Fusion shows how your users interact with your web-based products eg: page-views, button clicks, form submissions, etc. But apart from this, Fusion lets you run targeted engagements with a specific user or group of users in real-time over live-chat, push in-app notification & email/micro-surveys or you can set up to trigger these engagements automatically.

These targeted users could be people who have something in common(eg: users from a specific country/marketing referral) or users who performed a particular action on the website (eg: visited pricing page but did not sign up).

Fusion helps small teams in these ways:

  1. No need to continuously monitor multiple SAAS tools and jump tabs, manage everything from one lightweight dashboard or directly from slack (or teams etc) instead of going back and forth between multiple windows.
  2. No-code auto-capture requires zero engineering efforts for tracking. Just copy-paste one snippet on your website and that works for analytics, chat, CRM & email instead of coding up 5 different trackers on your product.
  3. Run real-time targeted engagements with single-user/specific type of users or users who performed a particular action, ensuring less spam and more conversion. And again analyse how users reacted to those campaigns.
  4. Reduced SAAS bills as Fusion is one platform so you pay one base subscription instead of multiple.
  5. Teams can avoid crappy built-in plugins for connecting multiple SAAS tools or using expensive CDPs like . Seamless user data flows between analytics, CRM, marketing stack as they are in one platform.

Where can you find Fusion?

Fusion is available here or the github is available here

Where are we on building Fusion?

We have completed the Analytics Engine and currently chat service is being developed and other lots of features coming soon!!

Interested in using the product? Connect here. Show us your love here

So let's connect to give some more info on the product!!