refCareer - A single click to your next dream referral 

refCareer - A single click to your next dream referral #christmashackathon

refCareer is a web tool/platform to get referred to big tech and big startups.

(Started building this on 25th December) This product got into the top 15 products on Tuesday (29th Dec) and also a top product on SteemHunt. Currently, this product has over 300+ upvotes without any previous existence as a product and also without any launch with any hunter

I didn't expect it to do this good as I started to build it as my utility tool. I just decided it launch in the morning (29th Dec IST). It was a very random launch without any predecided strategy.

Tech Stack : VueJS, TailwindCSS, CSS, MongoDB, Firebase( for auth and analytics).

Why did it blow up?

  1. Maybe due to COVID19
  2. Due to more search for jobs in India (The product had over 1000+ hits on the day of launch)

How this works:-

  1. Either an employee approaches me to list his referral or it is picked from Linkedin Open Referral posts (as they are really scattered).
  2. The person seeking job signs in and can see all the referral email ids and has to submit a resume over the mail.
  3. Currently I am not monitoring the mail but this is the very next step for the product!

Recently employed features are

  1. Searching based on Regex
  2. Signing in for the portal

Future Plans

  1. Get more company employee on board (Currently 1)
  2. A ML algorithm to correctly suggest the perfect job for the user. (Very Ambitious but will try to finish it)
  3. Shift from MongoDB to Firebase!

Website - Link to the Website RefCareer

Product Hunt Launch - Launch Page

Some product Snapshots:-

Screenshot from 2020-12-29 10-05-56.png

Screenshot from 2020-12-29 10-06-02.png

Screenshot from 2020-12-29 10-09-12.png

Hope you liked it! I Will keep making such small utility tools!